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Seasoning - Special Shit

Seasoning - Special Shit

BCR - A Division of Disparity Ranch

"Special Shit is an All Purpose Seasoning for meats, vegetables, and seafood.  

We hope you enjoy Special Shit as much as we've enjoyed bringing Special Shit to you.  Our goal is to provide the finest in all of our Shit products.  No matter what your needs, you can rest assured we have some Shit for you.

Special Shit makes a fine gift.  Whether you're a gourmet cook or don't give a shit - Special Shit makes all your shit taste special."

    BCR - Lexington, TX

    All purpose seasoning suggested for steak, brisket, pork, and veggies. 

    Net Wt. 12 oz.



    Himalayan salt, pepper, baking soda.