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Seasoning - Good Shit

Seasoning - Good Shit

BCR - A Division of Disparity Ranch

"Good Shit will add just enough sweetness to leave your taste buds dancing.  Try it on Teriyaki, popcorn (for that sweet and salty taste), ribs, chicken - Shit, put it on everything.  But be forewarned, Good Shit is habit forming!

Once you start using Good Shit (or any of the Shit Products) it'll be tough for you to go back to that ordinary ol' shit you've been using. "

BCR - Lexington, TX

Sweet and salty seasoning suggested for chicken, ribs, and corn on the cobb. 

Net Wt. 12 oz.



Salt, Granulated Onion, Garlic, Granulated Basil, Pepper, Paprika, Parsley, Granulated Celery, Granulated Oregano, Calcium Stearate.